George Bardwil: Sharing My Life and Work

Hello! I am George Bardwil and I am here to share with you a bit about my life and my work. I will also be maintaining a blog which will allow you to look deeper into some of my interests, hobbies, and business expertise.

This of course is the home page for this web site and is the best place to begin your journey with me. On this page, I will provide more details and explanations of the different areas on this web site and how to find any specific information that you may be seeking.

In addition to this home page, you will find a page that is all about my life and my interests. It is entitled, appropriately enough, “About Me: George Bardwil” and it is on this page that you can learn more about me. I will offer a bit more background on my life, including where I grew up and the places that I have visited, along with some tips and ideas of things to do at some of my favorite spots around the world.

Related to the “About Me: George Bardwil” page, but slightly more focused on my family history, both current and past, is the “Family” page. The Bardwil family has a long and honored history as an American family that has worked hard to achieve and maintain the American dream of success and prosperity. Even during these trying economic times, my family continues to hold the standard American ideals of hard work, honesty, and ethical practices which makes this country so great and strong. I therefore cordially invite you to learn more about what drives the Bardwil family to do our share to help in the prosperity of this great nation.

As a native New York citizen and resident, I have a great love for this amazing and diverse state. Therefore, it is my pleasure to share with those of you who have not had the good fortune of living in this fantastic state my “New York” page in order for you to learn more about its history, its landmarks, and its people. Even those who live in New York may learn a thing or two as well, so I invite one and all to join in and get a special look from the point of view of an insider at one of the oldest and greatest states in our great country.

Finally, I am excited to share my thoughts on a variety of matters on my “Blog” page. This is a spot that you will certainly want to bookmark, as it will continue to offer new posts addressing all sorts of issues, concerns, and topical items of interest.

I would like to thank you for visiting my web site and taking your time to explore it and to learn more about what makes me, George Bardwil, tick. Most likely, due to my broad interests and the experiences I have had over the years, there are plenty of things that make me tick, and probably motivates or intrigues you as well. So without further ado, enjoy your time at